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5 Best photography Channels in youtube

image by halfhalftravel

When you need to gain new skills and knowledge as soon as possible or simply get some practical advice from a professional, watching YouTube tutorials is the quickest way to do that. It is also the most effective way, as in addition to explanations, you get demonstrated how to implement skills in an easy-to-follow format.

The only issue is how do you choose which channels are really helpful from the endless list on YouTube? We’ve scrutinized the supply and compiled a list of the most subscribed photography YouTube channels that will serve a source of inspiration and motivation for you.

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Best photography blogs

Image by Braulio Espinoza

In this new article we will share some of the best blogs that exist to learn about photography. Where a multitude of photography content is shared.

1. Panorist University

Panoramic University is the blog of the Panorist platform that serves to share photos with unknown people. In this blog we share lessons on photography focused mainly on street photography. And you can learn both the basic of photography or became a better photographer with advanced knowleges.

Panorist is the largest photo sharing platform in development. Panorist is a new social network for you to find photos taken by a photographer that you have no contact. Share the photos that you took of strangers doing wonderful things, and they will get that photo.

2. Peta Pixel

Peta Pixel showcases viral-style news pieces along with industry gossip, equipment reviews, and photography news. The tutorial section is a haven for budding pros.

3. Fstoppers

Fstoppers is a popular online community which aims to inspire and educate photographers, both budding and established. Content ranges from in-depth series on technical skills, to how-to guides for beginners.

4. Digital Photography Review

As the name suggests this blog from Digital Photography Review covers digital news and events while keeping the focus mainly on equipment. The in-depth reviews are a great stop for those bogged down in buying choices.

5. Photo Focus

Photo Focus is a dedicated blog full of photography related articles. They set themselves apart from the crowd by having a popular ‘business’ section which contains info on how photographers can organise their business best.

6. Digital Photography School

Founded by Darren Rowse of Problogger fame, Digital Photography School helps both beginner and advanced photographers get to grips with the techniques and tips they need.

7. SLR Lounge

A photography news and tutorials website focusing on real world, practical education, inspiration, and camera reviews.

8. Light Stalking

Light Stalking offers a focus on the people behind the cameras and the bodies of work they produce. They aim to bring great photography to the fore and showcase emerging trends, while keeping an eye on technique.

9. The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer has the tag line ‘the psychology of creative photography’. The articles on here range in focus from debates on the digital/film divide to roundups of the latest creative trends.

10. 1X

The team at 1x bring you the latest news and industry trends, along with reviews, interviews, and masterclasses. This magazine-styled blog has monthly and weekly themes and competitions.

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