Street Photo Contest

These are the rules of the contest in India. Upload your candid photos of people on

You can win a license from Skylum’s amazing photo editor LUMINAR 4.

Additional Rules:

You have to upload the photos at or in our app.

Must be pictures of other people, in India. Pictures like candid photography or photojournalism. May be from public events, rallies, parties, parades, concerts, parks, beaches, holidays…
It may be photos from past events. No Landscapes or animals.

If you upload more than 100 photos, you can participate with two photos in the voting. The photo you choose to enter the contest must also be sent by instagram direct.

Photos must be shared from11/09/20 until 11/23/20 at 20:00 (Pacific Standard Time GMT -8)

User-chosen photos will be posted for voting on @panorist_en from 11/24/20 at 20:00 (GMT-8), to receive likes on instagram, to 11/28/20 ending at 20:00 (GMT-8).

The winner will be announced by posting on @panorist_en on 11/29/20 at 20:00 (GMT-8)

And even if you don’t have 20 photos of an event, you may check out our free platform to earn money selling your photos! This contest is not sponsored or associated with Instagram. The contest must have a minimum of 6 participants to occur, or it will be canceled.

Good luck!

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