About Panorist

Panorist is the largest photo sharing platform in development. Panorist is a new social network for you to find photos taken by a photographer that you have no contact. Share the photos that you took of strangers doing wonderful things, and they will get that photo.

Panorist’s search engine aggregates photos by location, date and time, automatically generated by modern digital cameras. Just choose a place where you’ve been, that we´ll search for all the photos of that occasion. Or you can share some of your photos, and the search engine, based on these photos, will automatically find photos of other people taken in the same place, day and time.Simple.

Panorist is a new platform for the professional photographer to sell photos. All those hundreds of photos you took at that event, just to sell one to the newspaper, will now be appreciated. Do not worry about payments any more: the buyer will see his pictures without the watermark only after the purchase.

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